Mission & Core Beliefs

The Consortium of Catholic Academies (CCA) is a non-profit organization supporting students of four inner-city Catholic elementary schools in the Archdiocese of Washington.
In the following video you will meet some of the students, teachers and faculty who make up the Consortium community.


CCA is committed to ensuring students receive the quality education they deserve in a safe and supportive environment. Through administrative, curricular and financial support, we make it possible for principals and teachers to focus on the truly important work at hand; providing an outstanding education to more than 800 students of all faiths.

At the Consortium of Catholic Academies we believe:

  • Education is a collaborative responsibility. Success requires the commitment and participation of the Archdiocese, executive leadership of the Consortium of Catholic Academies as well as pastors, principals, staff, family and community.
  • All children can learn. Consortium of Catholic Academies schools combines high expectations with the capacity to identify and develop the unique talents and strengths of each student.
  • Good teachers are essential. They must be professionally qualified, well supported and personally capable of helping the whole child to develop.
  • Consortium schools are Catholic schools. Integration of the faith through curriculum, and implementation by faculty and staff, will inspire students to reach their academic and personal potential.
  • Learning facilities must be efficient, functional, and safe and secure and respect the dignity of each student.
  • The long term sustainability of the Consortium of Catholic Academies schools will be achieved by budgets that reflect the mission and are multi-year in scope, transparent and results-oriented.
  • Financial assistance serves to optimize the availability of Catholic education.

Our Mission Statement
The Consortium of Catholic Academies is committed to delivering academic, administrative and financial support to ensure that Consortium schools remain affordable and continue to provide students with an excellent education. We strive to instill in students a sense of faith, a love of learning and, ultimately, produce value-centered graduates who will face the future with hope.