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Jones Day of Service

It takes more than great teachers to run a successful school. Children need access to sound, safe and clean facilities. As longtime residents of the communities where they are located, Consortium schools require ongoing upkeep. Often this maintenance is beyond the size and scope of the school's custodial department. 

Thankfully, with donated time, talent and sweat equity of friends like the DC office of the law firm Jones Day, we have witnessed the transformation of Consortium buildings in a matter of hours. During the annual Jones Day of Service, 100+ members of the Jones Day team descend on a Consortium school ready to paint, scrape, assemble, clean and organize where needed. Best of all, they do it with a smile and high spirits!

To learn more about the accomplishments of the 2010 and 2011Jones Day of Service events, click on one of the tabs below. To find out how your organization can host its own day of service at one of our schools, email Elizabeth Ross, Director of Development at

Jones Day of Service 2010

St. Anthony Catholic School in NE Washington, DC was thrilled to be the site for the 2010 Annual Jones Day of Service. This was the second year the organizers at the DC office of the law firm Jones Day, chose to make a Consortium school the focus of their service day.

The day was a huge success thanks to over 100 enthusiastic volunteers who graciously donated their time and many talents to make repairs and improvements to St. Anthony School. “Every one of our tasks was completed prior to our leaving Saturday afternoon”, reported Trish Lehman, Pro Bono Facilitator at Jones Day.

Over the course of the day, the school lobby underwent a welcoming transformation with new paint on the walls, ceiling, handrails and step risers. A splash of color was applied to the library walls and the library tables were sanded and varnished, then surrounded by new stacking chairs. Hallways received some touch up work and a new coat of paint.  One team successfully tackled building 12 metal shelving units. The school's assembly area got a coat of new paint.  And that was just the inside!   

Jones Day of Service 2010 

Out in the parking lot, which also serves as a playground for students, a team of volunteers painstakingly marked lines for new basketball courts, assembled two new basketball hoops and refreshed the paint on two 4 square areas. Three benches were assembled for a smaller playground.

“It was an exhilarating, exhausting, yet very productive day for everyone involved.” said Trish Lehman of the effort. For the St. Anthony school community, it was a day filled with gratitude and appreciation for the Jones Day family.