Speaker Boehner Invites CCA Students to Attend State of the Union Address

Posted February 12, 2013

Zuri and Laci show off their hand-made artwork with Matt Lauer.

It was only Tuesday, but already it had been a very exciting week for Zuri and Laci. The two 4th grade students at the Consortium school St. Anthony's Catholic School in Northeast, DC were among a handful of guests invited by Speaker Boehner to attend President Obama's State of the Union address. More about the Speaker's other guests can be found here.

In preparation for their trip to the Capitol, these 9 year-olds studied the history of the State of the Union, the different branches of government and the role of the Speaker of the House of Representatives. Each were then each given an independent study assignment: find five interesting facts about the State of the Union. Both passed the Government 101 crash course with flying colors!

But still, they weren't ready to head to Capitol Hill. Handmade gifts needed to be made for their host! Both children drew pictures and Laci used her new pottery set to make a candy dish; complete with "Speaker B" written in glittery bubble letters.

Then, as if their impending trip to the Capitol was not exciting enough, a special visitor named Mr. (Matt) Lauer arrived at the school and asked if he could interview the pair. They, of course, agreed. Video of their interview can be seen here. It was a day Zuri and Laci will not soon forget.

Matt Lauer 012.jpg