At the Consortium of Catholic Academies, we take great pride in the quality of our teaching staff and in the academic accomplishments of our students. We are exceptionally proud of our graduates, 90% of whom are accepted to leading Catholic, private and charter schools. Some of these students will be the first in their families to receive a high school diploma; even more will be the first to graduate from college. Below are profiles of just a few of these special Consortium graduates.

Meet Mylon

Mylon Richardson

 Meet Mylon, a graduate of the class of 2013 from St. Anthony Catholic school in NE Washington, DC.

Mylon came to St. Anthony's in the fifth grade. Principal Michael Thomasian describes Mylon as “articulate, friendly, and ready to serve. He was helpful in and around the school while maintaining his grades.” While at St. Anthony's, Mylon was on the student council and participated in the school book club. He also participated in band and played on the St. Anthony basketball team.

"Kind, very interesting and fun" are words Mylon uses to describe St. Anthony's. He adds, “we respected each other and took very seriously St. Anthony’s words that ‘actions speak louder than words’.”

Today, Mylon is a student at DeMatha Catholic High School.  When asked about what career he might be interested in pursuing, Mylon responds, “If I don’t make it to the pros for basketball, I’ll go into sports medicine”.

One thing is clear, Mylon has the work ethic and determination to make it wherever he goes.  

Meet Imania



Imania is a 2012 graduate of St. Francis Xavier Academy in SE Washington, DC. 

Former St. Francis Xavier principal Dr. Gladys Camp says Imania’s greatest personal strength “is that she is a well-rounded student who is very focused on academic excellence.” 

Imania is currently a student at Georgetown Visitation High School where she is undoubtably focused on maintaining that academic excellence.

As an alumna of the National Young Scholars Program, Imania was selected to attend the 2013 Presidential Inauguration as part of the Middle School Presidential Inauguration Conference.

Imania's interests extend beyond the boundaries of the District of Columbia. In the summer of 2011, Imania was selected to be a Student Ambassador by People to People, an educational travel program. Imania and her fellow student delegates traveled through England, Scotland, Ireland and Wales for three weeks. Imania says that the experience was “amazing and really inspired me to want to travel more." 

With impressive academic, travel and leadership experience already to her credit, it will be exciting to see what opportunities high school brings her way! 

Meet Waldo



Waldo, a 2012 graduate of Sacred Heart School in NW Washington, DC. Today is is a student at Gonzaga College High School.

Waldo is shooting for the stars, literally. He wants to become an astronaut. It’s a good thing,then, that his favorite subject is science, specifically physics.

Waldo is the oldest of five children. His four younger siblings still attend Sacred Heart. Waldo has fond memories of his years as a student at Sacred Heart but he acknowledges it was not always an easy road. Sixth grade was difficult for him socially. Now, looking back, he says it taught him that, “if you keep on trying you can make it through the tough times.”  

Waldo uses the words "good, prepared and safe" to describe Sacred Heart. He wants people to know that Sacred Heart is “not just about academics, but also spirituality.” 

Meet Maela

Maela Hamilton-Prichett


Maela is a 2013 graduate of St. Thomas More Academy in SE Washington, DC.

Unlike some girls her age, Maela possesses a quiet, yet confident demeanor. Perhaps such qualities are the mark a person grounded by their faith. Maybe it is result of eight years of education in St. Thomas More's safe and supportive environment. Whatever the answer may be, the end result is impressive.

Today, Maela is a student at XXXX 

While at St. Thomas More, Maela was a member of the choir. She participated in the school’s dance ministry, also called liturgical dance. At home, Maela enjoys singing and listening to music. Her favorite artists are Jennifer Hudson, Beyonce and Katy Perry.

While the performing arts are one area of focus in Maela’s life, academics are another. Maela’s favorite subject is Language Arts but she continues to excel in all areas of school. 

When asked what expectations she has of God for her future, Maela says “I expect He will wake me up in the morning and continue to send me blessings.”

Meet Sharnita


Although more than a decade has passed since Sharnita Nelson was a student at St. Thomas More Catholic Academy,

she still vividly recalls a morning ritual from Kindergarten. After reciting morning prayers, students were given activity packets to complete. “The first page was an exercise in penmanship where we traced our names in cursive. We all raced through it to get to the second page, a color by number activity,” Sharnita fondly recalls.

That same enthusiasm for learning was a constant theme throughout Sharnita’s nine years at St. Thomas More. She recalls her 4th grade teacher, Miss Barnes, who was strict and whose class was challenging. At first she didn’t like it but, says Sharnita, “at the end of the day I learned a lot. It was a great foundation.”  In 8th grade, Sharnita had Language Arts class with Miss Coates, now principal of St. Thomas More. She describes Miss Coates as “incredibly enthusiastic” and the education she received that year as “really improving her writing for high school admissions applications”.   

Fast-forward through Sharnita’s high school career at Bishop MacNamara and collegiate experience at University of Maryland, where she is currently an accountant for PriceWaterhouseCoopers, LLC in McLean, VA. Sharnita often logs long hours. When asked what values were instilled in her during her time at St. Thomas More, Sharnita responds, “self discipline. You had to do your homework, then you could play. That translates into all parts of life. The rewards of hard work are always bigger than you ever thought they would be.”   

Sharnita still keeps in touch with the St. Thomas More community. She is a member of the parish and helps out at the school from time to time. As a high school student, she was even asked to speak at St. Thomas More’s 8th grade graduation recently. Sharnita is just one of many successful Consortium graduates whose life is guided by high moral values instilled by her family, her faith and her school. 

The rewards of hard work are always bigger than you ever thought they would be.


Sharnita Nelson, graduate, St. Thomas More