CCA Stories

Below are profiles of four students, each from a different school and each with a distinct hope and dream for their future.

While these students are special, they are not unique among the 800 students served. At Consortium schools you will always find an abundance of possibility. To see first hand the positive impact of our program, please email to schedule your visit today.

Mylon Richardson


Meet Mylon, a eighth grader at St. Anthony Catholic school in NE Washington, DC.

Mylon came to St. Anthony in the fifth grade. Principal Michael Thomasian describes Mylon as “articulate, friendly, and ready to serve. He is helpful in and around the school while maintaining his grades.” Mylon is on the student council and participates in a school book club. He also participates in band and plays on the St. Anthony basketball team.

Outside of school, Mylon swims for an independent swim team; his favorite stroke is Butterfly. In his free time, Mylon likes to read, play video games and watch movies with friends and family. He is joined at St. Anthony by younger brother Myles, a sixth grader.

Mylon’s favorite subject is history because he says, “it’s interesting to learn about what effect the past has on the present.” He also enjoys science and, in particular, science labs where students get to experiment. Kind, very interesting and fun are the words Mylon uses to describe his school. In addition he adds, “we respect each other and take very seriously St. Anthony’s words that ‘actions speak louder than words’.”

Mylon is looking forward to beginning high school this fall.  When asked about what career he might be interested in pursuing, Mylon responds, “If I don’t make it to the pros for basketball, I’ll go into sports medicine”.

One thing is clear, Mylon has the work ethic and determination to make it wherever he goes.