CCA Stories

Below are profiles of four students, each from a different school and each with a distinct hope and dream for their future.

While these students are special, they are not unique among the 800 students served. At Consortium schools you will always find an abundance of possibility. To see first hand the positive impact of our program, please email to schedule your visit today.


Niani B. is a 7th grader at St. Anthony’s Catholic School in NE Washington, DC. She is joined at school by three siblings. Niani first came to St. Anthony’s School in 5th grade, having lived in St. Croix for most of her life. The adjustment to a different kind of academic environment took time but faculty and staff at St. Anthony’s all worked to make the transition as smooth as possible.

Their efforts were rewarded as Niani and her siblings have become exemplary students and well liked members of St. Anthony’s School community. Niani is an excellent student and consistently earns grades that put her on the school honor role. Principal Mike Thomasian describes Niani as “dependable and responsible” and the kind of student who “takes school work seriously.” Niani enjoys reading books about women in history and is currently working her way through a series of books by Scholastic entitled Dear America. Each book profiles a famous woman in history.

When asked to describe the environment at St. Anthony’s in three words, Niani chooses “fun, interesting and thoughtful”. She explains this last word choice by saying that “the teachers at St. Anthony’s put a lot of thought into what they do for us.”

In her free time, Niani enjoys playing tennis with her siblings. She also helps her aunt, a parishioner at St. Augustine, make deliveries of food and meals for the less fortunate of her parish.

Niani hopes to become a Naturopath, like her grandfather, when she grows up.